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Almond Butter in Your Food Processor 

Almond butters can be quite expensive if bought from the store. If you have ever bought one you would know how costly that small jar is. If you own a food processor, there is no need to ever buy almond butter or any other nut butter from the store again. You can make, right at your kitchen, in very few steps, an almond butter that is many times more delicious, healthier and cheaper than the store bought one! All you will need is a little patience and determination (you will find out the reason in just a while).

Here are the steps you will need to follow:

  1. Soak 2 cups of almonds in water along with 1 ½ tsp salt overnight or for at least 8 hours. In the morning, drain the water and wash the nuts. Let the nuts dry.
  2. Spread a baking sheet over a baking tray and spread the nuts over it in one layer. Preheat your oven at 190ᵒC. roast the nuts for ten minutes. Be careful not to burn your nuts. Even if slightly burnt, they will make the nut butter smell bad. After ten minutes, take the almonds out of the oven and let allow them to cool. It is good if they are a little warm when you start processing because it will help in releasing the nut oils faster.
  3. Transfer the warm nuts to your food processor bowl. Secure the lid and begin processing.
  4. First the nuts will grind into a powder form. Don’t stop here. Keep processing further and the nuts will take a crumbly form and start to collect. Give the machine breaks at intervals to prevent it from overheating.
  5. Open the lid and scrape down the sides every now and then before resuming the task. The process can take up to 30 minutes before you get a creamy, smooth paste! Hence the patience and determination I mentioned a while ago.
  6. You can add a drop or two of some light tasting oil if your almond butter is not becoming creamy enough and you have lost all patience!
  7. If you prefer a sweet tasting almond butter, you can add a bit of honey to it and pulse it to combine everything. This step is to be performed once you have achieved smooth, creamy almond butter.
  8. When you are done, transfer the almond butter to a glass jar and seal it. You can store it at room temperature for about a week. If you want to save it for longer, refrigerate it. This almond butter, with no preservatives, can stay fresh in the fridge for at least a month.

Different Blender Smoothies and Shakes Recipes for Beginners

Are you the one who loves drinks more than meals? If yes, then smoothies and shakes are the best things for you. Get hold of your blender and unleash its magical powers to have nutritional, filling, and delicious smoothies and shakes to kick start your day. Here are some recipes for making shakes and smoothies using your blender:

Mango Shake

Ripe and cut one medium sized mango into small pieces. Add one cup milk, one tablespoon sugar, a few ice cubes, and mango pieces in the smoothie blender. Blend the mixture until a smooth thick consistency is achieved.   

Cookies and Cream Shake

Put 3 chocolate sandwich cookies like Oreo, two scoops vanilla ice cream, a few ice cubes, and quarter cup milk in a blender. Blend the mixture until it is smooth. Serve with chocolate topping on it or a crushed cookie on top of the shake!   

Iced Mocha Shake

In a smoothie blender, combine 3/4 cup milk, three tablespoons sugar, one teaspoon vanilla essence, three tablespoons instant coffee mix (mocha flavor). Blend all the ingredients until a smooth texture is achieved.

Banana Chocolate Shake

Take one banana and peel it. Cut into chunks and add to the smoothie blender. Add a cup of ilk, one tablespoon chocolate syrup, and a cup of crushed ice. Blend the ingredients until a smooth  consistency is reached. Pour in glasses and serve with a little chocolate syrup on top!

Strawberry and Yogurt Smoothie

Add one cup strawberries, two tablespoons sugar, and three quarter cup yogurt in your blender. Blend it until a smooth consistency is reached.

Almond Berry Smoothie

Put one banana (ripped and cut into small pieces), one cup frozen blueberries, half cup almond milk, one tablespoon almond butter, and some ice cubes in a smoothie blender. Blend the mixture till a smooth consistency is achieved.  

Banana and Pineapple Smoothie

Take a quarter fresh pineapple and peel, core, and cut it into small cubes. You can also take half a can of pineapples if fresh is not available. Add these pineapple cubes, one large banana (peeled and cut into chunks), one cup pineapple juice, and a few ice cubes to your smoothie blender. Blend the mixture into a smooth puree.

Banana, Mango, and Yogurt Smoothie

Take one mango and one banana and peel them. Cut the fruits into chunks. Next, in a smoothie blender, combine banana and mango chunks, one cup orange juice, and one cup yogurt. Blend the mixture till it’s smooth. Pour in glasses and serve!

Orange Smoothie

Take six ounces of frozen canned orange juice concentrate, half cup milk, half cup water, half cup sugar, half teaspoon vanilla extract, and a few ice cubes. Add these to the smoothie blender and blend till smooth. If you want to kick start your day or want to energize yourself during the day, try out these delicious, healthy smoothies and shakes. Using a smoothie blender, these recipes are just a button away!